Look out Apple Just Sneezed!


What is it with Apple blogs and watching everything that Apple does? Is it always “a slow news day” with those blogs? Every, and I do mean every time Apple closes the Apple Store, there are literally 100+ blogs that post a blog entry telling it’s readers that the store has closed down. Then they start speculating what the close means. A new computer, iPhone, iPod, a modification to an existing computer, etc…

Its kind of sad really. I have to assume that there are hundreds of scripts running all over the place checking the Apple Store web site to see if that little yellow post-it note that says “We’ll be back soon.” is being displayed. Those scripts must set off pagers, notifications, emails and all sorts of other ways to let these bloggers know that it’s time to post a new blog post about the store being down.

The Apple Store isn’t the only place that these folks keep a keen eye on. Press releases, news from Apple business partners, the fiscal quarter conference calls, health reports of Steve Jobs to name a few. Hell, if Steve were to bruise himself and then have a picture taken with the bruise, there would all of a sudden be at least 50 blog posts speculating that the discoloration was a cancer, or some strange and exotic disease.

I love Apple and Apple products just as much as these blogs do, but my life doesn’t revolve around the company and its CEO. I love keeping up on what is happening at Apple just as much as the next Apple fanboy, but having to skim past 50 blog posts just because Steve Jobs took a shit is just a bit more than I can stand these days.