iPhone MMS Now Active; With A Hitch

All I can say is: “It’s about f**king time!” Man, what a crock of stuff to have to wait all this time for something that every other phone on the planet has been doing for years.

There is a bit of a procedure to updating your iPhone to make MMS work. After I updated my phone, I still didn’t see any MMS features. I haven’t seen anyone else talking about their experience activating the service so it may just have been my experience. I still want to let you all know in case anyone out there has issues getting MMS to work.

My experience was to do the check for updates in iTunes as one normally would. I got a message that there was an update that needed to be downloaded and installed. “An update to the carrier settings for the iPhone is available. Would you like to install now.” I told it to do the update. It only took about 30 seconds and it didn’t have to reboot the phone or really do anything out of the ordinary. So I get the impression it was a patch or a command to set a flag turning on the service.

I then had to reboot my phone in order to get MMS to work. I made a bunch of attempts to use MMS prior to rebooting the phone, but no luck at all. After rebooting, MMS was available and ready to use.

I took a brief peek at some of the features that MMS provides for the iPhone. Sure, you can send the typical pictures, videos and sounds that other MMS users have come to love. However, I also found that you can send address book entries, Map locations, and possibly others that I don’t know about yet.

All in all, some nice features above sending pictures and videos. I’m looking forward to sending my first contant to someone who needs the info, or Map location who wants to know where I am.