OMG! Langdell Did It Again! Edge/Edgy Is Gone Again!


WTF does Langdell have against Mobigame anyway! This guy is a huge ass! I can’t believe Apple took down Edgy (for the 4th time).

I was seriously considering buying Edgy (Edge and Edgy are separate apps so if Edgy were to get updated, owners of Edge wouldn’t get the updates) just to support Mobigame in their battle against this asshole Langdell that seems to have a huge grudge against Mobigame.

Us gamers need to support Mobigame in order to get people like Langdell put behind bars. Its clear that no matter what Mobigame does to make Langdell happy, Langdell just takes the next step to torture Mobigame.

Please, if you haven’t purchased Cross Fingers from Mobigame in the AppStore, do so. It’s a great game and I’m sure that they can use every penny they get to fight this bum.

EA To Release Mirror's Edge On iPhone…


This article is not another instance of an announcement of Electronic Arts releasing Mirror’s Edge to the iPhone. That has been done by about 50 websites in the blogosphere. Man, I have never seen so many places letting their readers know that Mirror’s Edge is coming.

Nope, this is an article talking about Tim Langdell and his claim of owning the trademark to the word “Edge”. Langdell has gone after Mobigame because they named their iPhone game Edge and Langdell had it removed from the AppStore 3 times! The website ChaosEdge has a long log of all the strange goings on between Tim Langdell and his questionable antics. This article talks about Langdell’s claim that he owns the trademark for Mirror’s Edge, EA’s game.

My only concern is will Langdell write to Apple to have Mirror’s Edge removed from the AppStore once it’s released. Since Apple is quick to remove apps from the store with the slightest notification, it’s probably going to be an interesting release.

I’m actually hoping that Langdell has the balls to go after EA’s Mirror’s Edge. EA has a very large bank account and will protect it’s intellectual property with all the lawyers at their disposal. If Langdell does go after EA, we can only hope that EA takes him down and we’ll not have to hear about him again after that.

So, go ahead Langdell, go after Mirror’s Edge on the iPhone, please!!!

Update To Previous Mobigame Post


Well, it looks like Mobigame has had little choice but to change the name of their game to Edgy. My previous post about Mobigame’s Edge being removed apparently was, in fact, Langdell forcing Apple to remove the game again since Langdell felt that the name “Edge by Mobigame” wasn’t enough of a change to distinguish Edge the game from Edge the trademark that Langdell owns.

ChaosEdge has a good write-up about this on their website.

All in all, at least Edge Edgy is back in the AppStore thanks to Apple “approving” the game right away instead of the typical 3 week process. Grandted, there were no changes to the program from the time it was removed to the time it was reinstated, so there shouldn’t have been any vetting to do.

Actually, changing the name of the game would have saved Mobigame a lot of hassle and money, but to be fair, Edge is a great name for the game. Actually, I’m a little worried that “Edgy” isn’t enough of a change for Langdell to be happy. He’s gone after names that were even more different than Edgy is to Edge. Actually, I’m not sure, but I though I read where Langdell actually went after a game called Edgy or Langdell himself has a game named Edgy. … Ah yes, here is where I read that:

Press Releases:

Dispute Between Langdell and Mobigame

On July 15th, Langdell forced iPhone platform-holder Apple’s hand to block the sale of the award winning and triple IGF award nominated iPhone game ‘EDGE’. Langdell’s claim was that the product infringes on his trademark of the word ‘Edge’. Initially, when Mobigame voluntarily removed the game from the store they were receiving several emails per day from Langdell; some of which even went as far as threatening to sue the owner of Mobigame (David Papazian) personally, stating that it could cost David “millions of dollars”.

Mobigame actually own the trademark ‘EDGE’ in France, and the registration is on-going in Europe. Despite this, Langdell threatened to sue unless they remove the game from the AppStore entirely, even in the regions where Mobigame own the trademark. On May 14th, Mobigame proposed renaming the game to ‘EDGY’ for the UK and the US market, stating that their trademarks could co-exist since Mobigame will have the trademark in Europe, and they would rename the game to ‘EDGY’ for the UK & US markets. Langdell refused to accept this, and on May 16th he applied for the trademark ‘EDGY’ in the US.

As a small company, without access to substantial legal resources, Mobigame was keen to avoid a protracted legal dispute, and have tried on many occasions to reach an amicable solution. Unfortunately, negotiation with Langdell proved fruitless. Mobigame is currently evaluating their options, but are denied the income they were depending on from iPhone game sales.

So, Langdell pretty much has said that he wouldn’t accept the name change to Edgy. Now, this was almost 6 months ago, so we’ll have to see if there has been a change of heart on this topic. Somehow, I find it hard to believe that Langdell even has a heart to change, but time will tell.

At any rate, we all hope that Mobigame and Edgy are not finished with Langdell and Mobigame can start truly making money for the fabulous work that they did on the game Edgy. Good luck and lets keep our fingers crossed. ;)

Good & Bad News About Mobigame

Good News: Mobigame has done it again with an amazing new game called Cross Fingers. Cross Fingers is a great unique game that uses tangram-style shapes and multi-touch elements to move those shapes into position to finish a level.

The premise of the game is fairly simple. Move the shapes on the screen so that the lighter colored shapes land in the dark holes. In the example to the left, moving the three shapes with white diamonds in them to the positions with the dark diamonds will solve the level.

The catch to the game is that its not always all that easy to move the shapes to their destinations. Careful thought is necessary. Often, there are obstacles in the way that require you to move them out of the way with one finger while moving the shape with the other.

In the screen shot example, the trick is to move the top shape all the way to the right, so that the middle shape can be moved to the top and into it’s resting place, then the other two shapes can be moved into their resting locations without any other obstructions.

I’ve played through the first 20 or so levels so far and I have to say, this is a joyous game to play. Mobigame seems to really know how to catch the “fun” in a game and make it work for them. Cross Fingers is a must have for anyone that enjoys tangrams and thoughtful puzzles.

Bad News: I don’t know how he’s done it, but Tim Langell has managed to get Edge by Mobigame removed from the AppStore yet again. I don’t know what the deal is with this scumbag, but someone has to put him in his place. He claims to hold the trademark on the word EDGE. Fine, but if that were the case, he wouldn’t need to keep coming up with games minutes after attacking other developers over their use of the word EDGE.

At any rate, the website ChaosEdge has the full story on the trademark dispute with Mobigame and Langell as well as many other disputes that Langdell has started with other companies. Check it out for a laugh and please, please support Mobigame by purchasing Cross Fingers. It’s only $0.99 and well worth that dollar!

Mobigame And Edge Get Support From The Chaos Engine


It looks like Mobigame is getting some well deserved support from a forum of game developers called “The Chaos Engine“. The Chaos Engine is a group of over 7,000+ members. They have decided to setup a fund to help finance a fight against Langdell and his claims of owning the trademarks to the word “Edge” and several other words like “EDGY”.

The Chaos Engine will be setting up a donation button on there home page in the near future. If you feel that Mobigame deserves to keep it’s games name “Edge”, please go over to the site and donate a few bucks. Langdell needs to be stopped. Hopefully, with the support of TCE and Edge fans everywhere, we can get this evil person to stop this nonsense.

I’ll update this post as soon as The Chaos Engine’s home page has the donate button added to it.