Mobigame And Edge Get Support From The Chaos Engine


It looks like Mobigame is getting some well deserved support from a forum of game developers called “The Chaos Engine“. The Chaos Engine is a group of over 7,000+ members. They have decided to setup a fund to help finance a fight against Langdell and his claims of owning the trademarks to the word “Edge” and several other words like “EDGY”.

The Chaos Engine will be setting up a donation button on there home page in the near future. If you feel that Mobigame deserves to keep it’s games name “Edge”, please go over to the site and donate a few bucks. Langdell needs to be stopped. Hopefully, with the support of TCE and Edge fans everywhere, we can get this evil person to stop this nonsense.

I’ll update this post as soon as The Chaos Engine’s home page has the donate button added to it.