EA adds sponsored items to SimCity with Nissan Leaf electric cars, charging station

Electronic Arts’ city-building simulation SimCity has its first sponsored item, thanks to Nissan. Available for download starting today is the Nissan Leaf Charging Station, a free in-game add-on that — in addition to letting Sims drive licensed electric cars — adds “happiness to nearby buildings” and produces no pollution.

via EA adds sponsored items to SimCity with Nissan Leaf electric cars, charging station | Polygon.

This is not a good trend! I can see SimCity just covered with Coke/Pepsi ads as well as just about every product you can imagine!

So, does having these “sponsored” items in the game make the game any cheaper for consumers? No! We still have to pay $60 for the game.

The article does say that the new item is a “free in-game add-on” and not something that is just forced on users. So I suppose you can choose not to add it to the game.

I dread the future of gaming if this trend continues…

SimCity no longer being sold by Amazon, warns about server issues

Amazon.com is no longer selling the PC download version of EA’s SimCity and appears to no longer be fulfilling the retail version of the struggling city-building game.

via SimCity no longer being sold by Amazon, warns about server issues | Polygon.

In a surprising move (to me at least) Amazon.com has removed SimCity (2013) from it’s virtual shelves.

Clearly, this is due to the huge problems EA is having with the games servers and it’s players attempting to both download the game and later actually play.

EA or at least Maxis made the decision during SimCity’s development to force the game to always be connected to the Internet in order to play. Even the single player parts of the game. The only obvious reason for this was to limit the game being pirated.

This decision has caused huge problems with getting the game downloaded. Reports of over 4 hours just to download the game was not unheard of. After the player managed to get the game downloaded, they were faced with queue’s just to play single player campaigns. Reports of 30 minutes or more seemed to be the average.

Blizzard saw similar problems when Diablo 3 was released last year. EA claimed before SimCity’s release that they “had it under control”, but clearly, they didn’t.

The fact that a company like Amazon.com has disabled the ability to purchase the game is something I haven’t heard of before. EA is still selling the game on their site.

It’s interesting that EA decided not to include SimCity on Steam.

EA To Release Mirror's Edge On iPhone…


This article is not another instance of an announcement of Electronic Arts releasing Mirror’s Edge to the iPhone. That has been done by about 50 websites in the blogosphere. Man, I have never seen so many places letting their readers know that Mirror’s Edge is coming.

Nope, this is an article talking about Tim Langdell and his claim of owning the trademark to the word “Edge”. Langdell has gone after Mobigame because they named their iPhone game Edge and Langdell had it removed from the AppStore 3 times! The website ChaosEdge has a long log of all the strange goings on between Tim Langdell and his questionable antics. This article talks about Langdell’s claim that he owns the trademark for Mirror’s Edge, EA’s game.

My only concern is will Langdell write to Apple to have Mirror’s Edge removed from the AppStore once it’s released. Since Apple is quick to remove apps from the store with the slightest notification, it’s probably going to be an interesting release.

I’m actually hoping that Langdell has the balls to go after EA’s Mirror’s Edge. EA has a very large bank account and will protect it’s intellectual property with all the lawyers at their disposal. If Langdell does go after EA, we can only hope that EA takes him down and we’ll not have to hear about him again after that.

So, go ahead Langdell, go after Mirror’s Edge on the iPhone, please!!!