Mavericks Finder Tags

Many of the problems with common folder-based hierarchies are solved by the use of tags in the sense that no document has a single location with which it is associated. Instead, tags allow documents to exist in any number of locations based on its specific categorizations.

This is a very good point and one I didn’t bring up in my first look of Mavericks.

via Mavericks Finder Tags.

I have been reading several Mac pundits going on and on about either how great Tags will be in Mavericks or they just don’t understand what Tags are and how they could be used in an OS file system.

OMG! Are they kidding! Thanks to a Google Code project called OpenMeta, Tags have been in OS X since at least 2010!

I personally have been using them ever since I first heard about the standard. Using tools like Tagit and Leap from Ironic Software or other shareware/freeware tools, I have tagged all my application files as well as many documents and pictures.

The best part of OpenMeta is that all I have to do is type tag:music and every app that has anything to do with music will appear in my Finder window. I can even make Smart Searches in Finder that use the syntax to save searches just like they showed in Mavericks. (I was truly baffled at the reaction of the audience when Tags was announced.)

I understand that Apple can pretty much do what they want and get away with it. The Mac Zealots just drool over the latest announcements and don’t really care where they come from or who gets hurt by Apple stealing the idea. Hence the term Sherlocked.

Hmmm, I wonder when Mac users upgrade their systems to Mavericks and have been using OpenMeta, if the upgrade will see the OpenMeta tags and convert them to what ever Mavericks is going to use.

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