Am I An Outlier, Or Are Apple Products No Longer Easy To Use?

Apple-Logo.pngAm I An Outlier, Or Are Apple Products No Longer Easy To Use? | John Battelle’s Search Blog.

I read the beginning of the above article and was understanding of the John Battelle’s annoyance with Apple and how OS X and iOS has become a little more difficult to use than in earlier days.

I’ve seen something very similar to his problem with his iPhone and the fact that it was running out of memory.

Yellow other iphone1

I have seen this before. In fact just yesterday. I was removing apps from my iPhone to lessen the number that I have installed. I had over 350 installed, now just under 200. After I finished, I saw that my “Other” bar was over 6GB’s! Way more than it should have been.

Apple had a bug in a prior version of iOS that was not cleaning up after itself. Apple’s fix is to do a hard restore of the device. Not the easiest of propositions and is very time consuming.

I found the solution to the problem after a couple of days scanning Apple’s community forums and I posted an article on the whole thing here.

Basically, it requires the use of a program called iExplorer. It was a free app when I first learned about the problem. You can still use the demo version of the app to fix this problem.

You just connect your iDevice to your Mac/Windows machine, launch iExplorer and select the Media section on the left side of the window. You will be presented with a list of folders on your iDevice. Open the Downloads folder. If you are absolutely sure you are not downloading anything on your iDevice, delete all the folders in the Downloads folder. You can also delete the downloads.28.sqlitedb file if it’s too big. It shouldn’t be more than 150kB’s. Mine is currently 81kB’s.

After deleting the folders and downloads.28.sqlitedb file on my iPhone, I rebooted it and looked at the Capacity graph in iTunes again. The “Other” bar was only 1.5GB’s. This is more like what I expected since I do have some comics and audible books downloaded on my iPhone.

John Battelle continues later in his article about having to have “the fingers of a poorly fed six-year-old” to access the search part of his contacts list. OK, now he’s just being a troll. There are two very easy ways to get to the search bar in Contact.

The first is to tap on the top of the display where the time is displayed. That will scroll the list of contacts to the top where the search bar is located along with the phone number of the iPhone. The second way is to slide your finger along that list of letters on the right, no your finger doesn’t need to be size of a “poorly fed six-year-old” in order to access the index slider (bar of letters of the alphabet along with the magnifying lens icon on the right side).

I have pretty darn fat fingers and have no problems what so ever accessing that control. I just set my finger on the right side of the screen edge, the index slider with grey showing your finger is on the control, then just slide your finger up until you reach the top where the search bar is. Done.

Oh, and you can also just simply scroll the list of contacts to the top (A’s) and just beyond that is the search bar.

If he thinks Windows Phone 7 or 8 will be any easier, or heaven forbid Android, he’s got a very unpleasant surprise ahead of him.

The iPhone memory problem was a legitimate complaint, but every OS has it’s bugs. Android I’m sure has them and we all know Windows has them. Good luck John!

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