Why do Tech Pundits want an Apple Television?

Apple televisionWhat is this fascination with Tech Pundits over an Apple Television? Why do they want one so much?

More importantly, what could Apple bring to the Television market that it hasn’t already brought to the Television Set-top box market?

Do these tech pundits really think that normal consumers, not the pundits themselves, but normal average Joe’s, are going to run out and purchase a $2,000 46″ Apple Television just because it has the guts of an AppleTV built-in?

↬Some pundits think that this new television is going to cost $599. Really? $599 for a full size television that sits in a persons family room?

OK, the average lifespan of a good LCD Television is about 10 years. (60,000-100,000 hours) Apple loves to release new versions of it’s products every year. Is Apple expecting consumers to purchase new televisions every year? More importantly, are these pundits thinking this?

It’s way more likely that the average consumer would upgrade their AppleTV Set-top box when Apple updates it. It’s just $99 and gives them all the power a $2,000 or even $599 full blown television would.

So why would Apple attempt to get into the television business when it is doing so well in the cell phone/tablet/personal media player/computer/music sales business?

Please, can anyone offer a reasonable explanation why Apple would benefit from getting into the television business?

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