Final Jailbreaking Review

After quite a bit of time running my iPhone 4 jailbroken, I decided that the problems I was having outweighed the benefits of the jailbroken apps I had installed.

The biggest problem I kept having was the Home button would stop working as a means of returning to SpringBoard after running an app. Each time this would happen, I would have to respring my iPhone to recover the Home button functionality.

So I connected my iPhone to iTunes and told it that I wanted to restore. It downloaded iOS 4.1, extracted it and began the process of installing the OS on the phone. The progress bar got about 3/5’s of the way when it froze. I waited about 30 minutes and decided I would try rebooting the phone. The restore got to the same spot and froze again.

I started researching the problem to see if there was a solution. I did find an article about putting the phone into DFU mode (Device Firmware Update). I made several attempts getting the phone in this mode and a little after midnight, I finally got the phone to install the firmware.

That was quite a scary situation. I was worried that I would have to take the phone to the Apple store and make up a good story as to why I couldn’t get the phone to restore.

It’s currently installing all the apps I had installed (minus the jailbroken apps of course) after doing the restore from backup.

Jailbreaking would be a less stressful option if there was a way to upgrade to current firmware without having to restore the phone first then re-jailbreak the latest firmware. I’ll keep my eyes open to the jailbreak community to see if something like this ever happens, but until then, I think I’ll stick to not jailbreaking my main phone.

If I ever get an iPod touch, I’ll consider that, and I might still consider jailbreaking the iPad. However, that won’t happen unless the iPad is better supported in the jailbreaking world. currently, there are not many packages that will work with iPads

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