Valve's Steam Confirmed For Mac (updated)


Update: It’s official, Valve announced it’s move to the Mac today on their own website.

According to Inside Mac Games, Valve Software sent out info to Mac and PC websites confirming it’s intent to bring Steam and a catalog of games to the Macintosh.

This is great news for the Mac. Steam is a great digital download platform for gaming. Its pretty much as easy to buy games in Steam as it is to purchase applications in Apple’s AppStore. Plus, if for some reason, you need to download your game again, that is just as easy as well.

Looks like there will be a more official announcement at the Game Developers Conference next week (March 9th – 13th).

I can’t wait for Steam to arrive for the Mac. It’s one more sign that the Mac is just as much a gaming platform as Windows is. Sure, there are not as many titles out there yet, but if Valve feels that there is enough to bring Steam over, then its growing pretty quickly.

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