OMG! Langdell Did It Again! Edge/Edgy Is Gone Again!


WTF does Langdell have against Mobigame anyway! This guy is a huge ass! I can’t believe Apple took down Edgy (for the 4th time).

I was seriously considering buying Edgy (Edge and Edgy are separate apps so if Edgy were to get updated, owners of Edge wouldn’t get the updates) just to support Mobigame in their battle against this asshole Langdell that seems to have a huge grudge against Mobigame.

Us gamers need to support Mobigame in order to get people like Langdell put behind bars. Its clear that no matter what Mobigame does to make Langdell happy, Langdell just takes the next step to torture Mobigame.

Please, if you haven’t purchased Cross Fingers from Mobigame in the AppStore, do so. It’s a great game and I’m sure that they can use every penny they get to fight this bum.

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