Started a Podcast: My Apple and Me


So a friend and I have started a new podcast called My Apple and Me. It’s basically just Steve and I shooting the breeze about Apple news and applications. We have actually been recording for a couple of months now, but we think we finally have a couple of good shows and decided it was time to publicize it.

My Apple and Me is a weekly show (mostly, there might be a break in that schedule on occasion) with Steve Hargrove and myself. We try to keep in around 30 minutes long and typically talk about Apple news and applications that we like both Desktop and iPhone/iPod touch apps.

It’s no “This Week In Tech”, but it’s not bad. The main idea is that we have fun recording it and hope that others have fun listening to it.

If you like it too, please post comments on the site. We would love to hear from our listeners and any suggestions will more than likely be taken.

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